Chris Barna

I am a Senior Web Developer at The Atlantic based in Washington, DC. Previously, I worked at the Code for America and the Federal Communications Comission. I am passionate about affecting people interact with institutions through technology.

I have professional experience in a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies but have been focused on Python and SCSS over the past few years.

In my spare time, I bake, cook, and go to concerts.


These are in rough shape but illustrate some of the things I've done outside work.

  • StatsViz — Inspired by a statistics class in college, I used d3 to simulate the Central Limit Theorem.
  • fish — For a computer modeling class in college, I simulated a predator-prey system with schools of "fish".
  • Mandelbrot — An experiment using canvas to quickly generate a mandelbrot set.
  • Three.js Demos — An experiment to learn about cameras and lights in Three.js.
  • node-mobi — A lesson in coffeescript and binary data structures that can read unencrypted mobi (ebook) files.